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Local Businesses

Whether you're a dog walker wanting to add an off-lead activity to your list of services or a home boarder wanting to find a space to let your guests off their lead we've got you covered.

We've introduced special rates for local dog business to be able to use our paddock. 

Single Sessions

If you only want to use the paddock on rare occasions, or you're just not too sure how much it will benefit your business straight away then single session may be the best option for you. 

We are currently offering 30% off our 6+ dogs session for 60 minutes. All you need to do is enter the coupon code "workingwithdogs" at checkout to have the discount added to the booking.

6+ Dogs - 60 Minute Session
1 Std.

Bulk Bookings

Coming at the end of June will be bulk booking plans. If you plan to use the paddock more often than a paid plan might work better. You can choose how many hours you would like to use and book them over the course of the month.

6 hours use

Standard Rate: £144

Local Business Discounted Rate: £85 (Saving 40%)

8 hours use

Standard Rate: £192

Local Business Discounted Rate: £96 (Saving 50%)

These rates will only be available for bookings made Monday to Friday

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