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New for 2019

Pawprints Play Group


Starting in 2019 we are now introducing our Pawprints Play Group. These sessions allow you to book a spot for your dog to mix with other dogs in our secure dog paddock. 

We have received feedback from people that use the paddock that they would like the chance for their dog to mix and play with other dogs from the local area. This is the reason we have set up the play group sessions. We will have any different type of sessions running throughout the year. from general play sessions with dogs of a similar weight & size to more breed specific sessions that allow you to bring your dog along to a session that only has dogs from the same breed. 

Below you will find the latest play group sessions available. If you have any questions about these session please get in touch so we can discuss further. 

All dogs that attend these sessions must follow our play group etiquette and must not be aggressive towards and dog or people. 

Latest Play Group Sessions

Não há nada para agendar agora.
Não há nada para agendar agora.
Não há nada para agendar agora.

Dog Bins

We have provided dog bins and scoops inside the paddock and ask that all dog waste is collected and disposed in the bins before the end of each session. Failure to do so will result in you being unable to use the paddock in the future.


We have put a water tap within the paddock to allow you to give your dog a drink. Please remember to bring your own bowl with you as these are not provided. 


Our Paddock is full enclosed and surrounded by 2 metre high solid profile mesh fencing.


Unlike other "secure" fields and paddocks whether you have a small chihuahua or a Bernese mountain dog our fencing ensures that you will have no issues letting your dog off the lead without the worry of them getting out.


The full metal fencing is concreted 65cm into the ground to ensure it will stand up against even the biggest of dogs. 


Limited parking is available for people who have a booking for the secure play paddock.


Due to the nature of the secure paddock & the reason for use, we kindly ask that dogs are not let out of your car until the previous user of the paddock has been able to return their dog to their vehicle to reduce unsociable dogs from mixing outside of the paddock during change over.

All dogs must be kept on a lead to and from the paddock.

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